What Is RegForMe?

RegForMe.com is a domain owned by Commsverse. It's purpose is to provide every attendee with access to our Microsoft Teams and other Conference Platforms we use for content delivery.

RegForMe.com is setup on a Microsoft 365 tenant and the identities created are AzureAD identities. The tenant holds limited information about each attendee, just enough to provide authentication services to our Microsoft Teams Conference Tenant.

The tenant will store your first and last name. Your UPN will be [email protected] and this identity is what you must use to access the conference Team tenant as a Guest User. The password will be emailed to your real e-mail address you provided at your registration.

The RegForMe tenant supports self-service password reset. Therefore, you may be prompted to enter recovery information in order for you to do this.

Your RegForMe.com identity will be valid for the duration of the live event. Afterwards, it will be deleted.

Why Can't I Use My Own Microsoft 365 Identity?

Giving every attendee a pseudo identity to our conference provides certain benefits to you as an attendee and to us as organisers.

A main benefit to you is that your real UPN and email address is hidden / abstracted away from other attendees who may have registered for the purpose of mining your identities in order to send unsolicited communications. All RegForMe.com accounts do not have an e-mail address and all 365 services apart from AzureAD are inactive.

It also means that you won't have the Commsverse tenant listed as a guest tenant in your Teams client forever or until you raise a services request to your Microsoft 365 admin to get this removed from the backend.

From our perspective, we can control your experience and deliver a predictable experience for everyone without worry about intra-company federation or authentication issues.

What If I Have Forgotten My RegForMe Password?

You can retrieve your RegForMe username from your My Account Page on our conference webpage. To reset your password, please navigate to https://portal.office.com using an in-private browser and click on the can't access my account link.

Note: You must've set up your self-service password rest registration on a previous login. If you haven't, please email [email protected] requesting admin reset and include your Subscription ID found on your subscription tab in My Account.

Does RegForMe Mean My Data Will Not Be Shared With Exhibitors?

The answer is, it depends. It depends on the sponsorship agreement Commsverse and each Exhibitor has in place. Typically, where a Sponsor has paid for a Virtual Exhibition Booth to support the funding of the event we will share your business e-mail and name with them post event. Where Sponsors haven't paid and are augmenting paid sponsors, or the conference as a whole in-kind, these sponsors will not be given your real identity unless you explicitly share that with them directly.

You should read our privacy policy for more detail explanation of our data sharing agreements.

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