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Collaborating in a
Universal Workplace

Why you should attend?

2020 saw rapid uptake in the technology to support this transformation and now organizations and their employees will need to learn how to work effectively within the universal workplace.

Our Collaborating in a Universal Workplace event focuses on working practice tips, best practices and how to use the Microsoft Teams & supporting toolset effectively to collaborate with colleagues and partners in any work location.

You will gain insight on how to harmonize the Teams & M365 tools and integrate them into your working personal & team working patterns so that you can help your team remain connected & aligned with your business objectives.


What's On?

Our carefully designed agenda takes you on a collaboration journey where you will learn from other people’s experiences, best practices and methodologies. By the end of this event you’ll be more prepared and better equipped to take on working in your universal workplace.



Burnout is real. Everyone talks about how busy they are like it is a badge of honor. Or how great their airline or hotel status is. Life over the past few months has gotten even crazier with the COVID pandemic. This creates all new stress factors in our lives such as having to adapt to working in a new location, home schooling our kids and more. Bottom line, all of this contributes to burnout. That feeling where, if we’re honest with ourselves, we just don’t care anymore. So, what do we do if we’re truly burned out? How do we regain the balance in our lives?

Adam Ball

Co-Founder, Cloud Revolution


Working Effectively Remotely

Working at home effectively is a skill. To those who have been forced into this way of working it can be a shock to the system. How do you differentiate home and work life within the same setting? How can you discipline yourself to make time for work and home?  

Ståle Hansen & Steve Goodman have been working remotely for many years and have each fine-tuned their working techniques that help them remain productive and also have time for family life.   

They talk about their personal challenges, methodologies and how they use Microsoft 365 technology effectively to ensure they get work done whilst maintaining their personal and family wellbeing. 

Ståle Hansen

CEO, CloudWay

Steve Goodman

Principal Consultant, Content and Code


Chat with fellow attendees about your experiences. Impromtu activities, quizzes and prizes to be won!


Making Collaboration Work In Your Team

As a team leader you empower and enable your team to work together to achieve business objectives. When your team is dispersed it is harder for them and you to maintain effectiveness which if left unmanaged can increase delivery timelines that can affect business.  

Join Alex and Karoliina, experts in team collaboration as they discuss the key principles you should to adopt as a leader to keep your team cohesive, engaged and focused unit.   

They will demonstrate team working principles combined with technology offered within Microsoft Teams collaboration toolset that you can adopt and lead with your team effectively. 

Karoliina Kettukari

Modern Workplace Lead, Meltlake

Alex Eggers

CEO, epc GmBH


The Modern Office

Work places are changing and so is the corporate office. As organisations continue their transformation into the universal workplace, they also need to support their work force by providing the right set of peripherals and devices to make team collaboration easy.  

The traditional meeting room is evolving with increased focus and provision being made to support the remote participant and make them feel in the room.   

Workers are investing their home office arrangements to support their professional lives and are in search of technology & equipment that can improve their productivity and collaboration flow.  

Join Jeff Schertz as he walks through the different types of working environments teams find themselves in and the devices on offer within the Microsoft Teams certified device program that can help boost team collaboration and productivity. 

Jeff Schertz

Principal Solutions Architect, Poly


Chat with fellow attendees about your experiences. Impromtu activities, quizzes and prizes to be won!


Make Virtual Meetings More Engaging

Ever joined a virtual meeting and felt drained and demotivated? Sure, you have! Being able to present and successfully engage your participants in meetings is a skill that comes with practice, preparation and knowledge of the tools available to you.  

Join Chris Hoard as he teaches you how to prepare yourself and your participants for a productive meeting. Best practices and coaching tips on how to structure meetings to keep people engaged and focused so that your meeting is effective and can worthwhile.  

Learn how to use the tools within Microsoft Teams meetings to keep your participants engaged and feel included in your meeting. By the end of this session, you’ll be able to rock your future Teams meetings! 

Chris Hoard

Partner Education Lead, Vuzion


Collaboration Success Stories

2020 has been a tough year for everyone both personally and professionally. Many people and organisations have had to look within themselves, take challenges head on, adapt and transform on a dime to survive. The answers haven’t all been easy.   

In this panel session we chat with collaboration experts & Microsoft MVPs Amanda Sterner, Martina Grom, Tom Arbuthnot & Steve Goodman about some of the challenges their customers have faced and how they have helped overcome them. 

This panel will focus on the remote collaboration success stories of 2020 and what the future holds for collaboration this year. 

Amanda Sterner

Modern Workplace Specialist, Avega

Martina Grom

CEO, Atwork GMBH

Tom Arbuthnot

Principal Consultant, Modality Systems

Steve Goodman

Principal Consultant, Content and Code

Is this event for me?

We hope this event will appeal to you. However, we do recognise that your time is precious and with the abundance of virtual events available it can be difficult to decide which ones will be worth your time investment. So we are going to level with you.

This event will best suit you if you work within a close team of people, perhaps you are a team leader or a team player. You will want to learn and pick up working tips, best practices and strategies to help improve both your personal and team wide productivity and collaboration effectiveness.

You will be using Microsoft Teams, but you would like to enhance your practical collaboration skills incorporating some of the technology available within Teams.

The content in this event will be easy to digest and understand by anyone including those who are non-technical.

We hope that this event will be suitable for anyone who is looking to refine their own working principles and skills to help them engage better with their team and customers.

Remote Workers

Team Leaders

Project Managers

Business Change

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